Literaturhaus Freiburg support Ukraine
Be with me, you whole dreamless night
Foto: Anna Ausheva
Literaturhaus Freiburg and Illu Freiburg e.V. are sending a signal of solidarity for supporting Ukraine. 24.02.2022 Russia attacked independent country - Ukraine.

To help people in need Literaturhaus Freiburg gathered illustrations and poetry of Ukrainian artists and printed on risograph. So, a set of five postcards are sold in all cultural organizations of the city.

Ukrainian artist are: Tasha Levytska @nushutu (Kyiv), Oleksandr Shatokhin @shat.art88 (Kyiv) and Olesia Sekeresh @olesia_sekeresh (Freiburg) as well as the authors Halyna Kruk (Lviv) and Ostap Slyvynskyj (Lviv) are represented.

Foto: Anna Ausheva

I would like to thank all organizations and supporters of this project.