Sketching II
Multi-figure composition
In March, I took a online course in Russian drawing school about "Multi-figure composition". It was important for me to understand the principle of decomposition of figures on paper. The main thing here was to build a composition so that there was interaction between the figures, not forgetting about the counterforms.
Course leader Dima Gorelyshev built the training in stages.
1. In the first week we studied the blur of the figure. It is necessary to understand the dynamics of the rhythm of groups, their movement - active people or passive. And spontaneously draw a blur. I chose the pool, where people dived into water. No detail just easy lines to give a hint on the beach people.
2. Second week. We draw people from nature or from photography. The importance was a combination of tasks: the correct placement of people in space, quickly, follow the perspective. I almost always made mistakes on prospects.
3. The third week - a repetition of the previous weeks task, I had to choose the task that was the hardest for me and allowed the figures complete freedom in the square from the grotesque.
4. The fourth week. Final work. Here it was necessary to generalize knowledge and to make qualitative final work. But unfortunately I had a deadline and I had not enough of time to invest in this work. Made only two sketches.