Paper art by creating character
Paper art cut is a perfect way to create and study character. This is one of the most difficult way, but one of the most necessary, which takes you to the learning zone.
So, how does the paper cut help to create a character?

Basics of character are: silhouette, gesture, facial expressions. Thanks to the contrast of black paper, we will be able to more clearly work out the characteristics of the hero. It's cool when you don't draw a sketch with a pencil, but cut it directly with a paper knife. Best way is to use black color of paper.
In the silhouette, the paper cut helps to find the appropriate plasticity, an interesting highlight of the character, his interaction with the environment. This allows more variations with the subject from which you have to build a story.
The same approach by projecting gesture. When each particle of the fingers is divided into particles, it is guaranteed that you can find an interesting emotion gesture.
Facial expressions. It's just a mega cool game with up to a million features. It is important not to forget that facial expressions are involved of incline the head.
For a funny game, just try at least different shapes and make characters!

P.S. I thanks Masha Titova for sharing her skills with me.

For reading and sharing!