Christmas postcards have a special place in my heart and I can through them to show deep meaning of this holiday. This time I with Alex Korchevski made postcards together as a project for CUBE. We will share her experience of creating process.

Alex Korchevski | Graphic, Digital, Art-Direction

This year, for the first time, I tried to work in vector graphics with a "pencil" technique and draw contours with the effects of chalk, pencils, pastels and gouache. Combining different techniques made very Christmas result.
The total working time was about 77 hours and the longest scene was the Nativity scene, because for a long time I could not "put the snow" so that it looked alive.

The postcard "Church" depicts the Church of St. Anthony in Rivne, Ukraine (now the Organ Hall). The spiers are now destroyed as if the church "lost its head" - they are imaginary, I frankly miss the lost architecture.

The Nativity Scene is a script that I always paint in a number of different connections, this man in a fictional land that remotely resembles the Church, Switzerland.

In the "Waiting" postcard, the landscape and windows remotely resemble the interior of Balmoral Castle, Scotland. In a pandemic, most of us will celebrate Christmas at home - overwhelmed with work, waiting for the holidays. We all expect joy - let Christmas come.

Olesia Sekeresh | Illustration

This year was and still is difficult for me because through Quarantine I lost projects and working time. With creative ideas was the same, because lack of time pushed me mental. I thought long how to show this holiday . And the way out came by itself. Suddenly, the Kings visit my imiganation.
I took black ink and brushes. And in a strange way everything went like clockwork . A linear beautiful silhouette came out. I wanted to add more color and texture. And help came to my favorite oil pastel companies Carandache . I was filled with new energy and I was happy that found new techniques combinations.

The Nativity scene I drew to supplement the postcards set from last year. Here, for me was important to show human nature and parenthood, that why I drew St. Josef which is aсtive father and Maria realy has deserved a rest and sleep.